How it works

What is LUPA? is a real estate platform developed by professionals that provides all the services related to the acquisition and sale of the real properties with a convenient, modern and interactive interface.

For whom is LUPA created? was created for those who want to buy a real property, as well as for those who want to sell a real estate.

To potential homebuyers offers a modern e-commerce platform for real estate on sale and lets you find a house that fits you! allows you to sell your property on the largest real estate database in Georgia without leaving your house. Successful sale of your property with us is our number one priority!

How do I find home on

  • The user can view all available listings on the website or search results by choosing the desired property features and criteria’s;

  • The search engine on the website consists of simple and detailed fields and provides for all aspects of the acquisition of property: real estate type, development companies, property characteristics, distance from educational or leisure facilities and all the other details;

  • The site is also equipped with an interactive and modern design map to get all information on the desired location;

  • provides the ability to manage the registration and personal account for maximum customer satisfaction. By personal accounts, users can save the desired listing in personal profile for the future, favorite the desired properties, look up the search history and get more comfortable and productive experience on;

  • The website will provide you with the latest offers and extra exhaustive information on any listing. It will allow you to plan the view of the property or get personal offers on finding the necessary funds to buy the real estate.

Each listing represented by a special design will provide you with all the necessary information and features about the desired real property.

How do I put my home on

  • Sign up for and create a personal profile;

  • Upon confirmation of the account you will be able to upload the desired number property listings with unlimited photo galleries and detailed descriptions that will be reviewed by our team and   once confirmed, will become available to;

  • Your personal account will allow you to see detailed information about the statistics of each of your listings including; how many users have viewed it, how many has liked it etc.

Our team will help you to sell your existing real estate as comfortably as possible with prospective success!

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